15 Aug 2022

Overtime, the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency has been gradually taking over the world. People are leaning towards cryptocurrency as they are digital and not counterfeited. The blockchain industry is also immutable and transparent attracting more users.
When you want to talk about trading cryptocurencies, you need an exchange. Basically, a cryptocurrency exchange allows you to trade your cryptocurencies for other assets such as conventional fiat money or other digital assets. As a crypto trader, you realize that you are faced with two options; using a centralised exchange (CEX) or a decentralized exchange (DEX).

How are they different?

CEXs are custodial entities that facilitate trades with an order book. Using a centralised exchange (CEX) requires you to trust a custodial entity with your funds — you trust your funds will be safe in the hands of a third party. A CEX usually requires you to submit your personal information for verification.
On the other hand, a DEX uses smart contracts to handle transactions in a decentralized manner. The advantage of a DEX is that you do not require a custodial entity, you have control over your funds. A DEX also eliminates the need for cumbersome processes such as sign-ups and logins. You can instantly start trading by simply connecting a non-custodial wallet to the platform. Many crypto enthusiasts enjoy using a DEX because of increased level of privacy and accessibility.
Talking about DEXs, allow me to introduce you to Instaraise— A one of a kind DEX on Tezos.
Instaraise is the first ever decentralized initial DEX offering (IDO) platform built on Tezos. An IDO is short for Initial DEX Offering. It involves the launching of a digital asset on a decentralized exchange (DEX). Instaraise is designed to provide crypto projects with a quick way to raise and exchange capital at very low cost overheads, all from within a completely decentralized environment.

Why Tezos?

You must be wondering why Tezos. When compared to other blockchains especially Ethereum, you see that Tezos features low gas fees, a versatile smart contract with a self amending nature, is very scalable and transaction speed is very fast when compared to ethereum. Tezos is perfect for Instaraise as it is just beginning with DeFi growth. Instaraise is presenting an IDO platform so that upcoming projects can gain grounds and conduct presales. Instaraise is also aimed at reducing the issues that come with liquidity locking through the use of smart contracts. As DeFi expands on the Tezos blockchain, Instaraise seeks to make the ecosystem safer and more secure by mitigating the risk of rug-pulls and Defi Token sales biased. By offering fair sales, Instaraise ensures that all IDO launches are equalized and democratized for all crypto investors, big or small.

What makes Instaraise stand out?

With Instaraise, interoperable DeFi comes within reach. Instaraise being a completely decentralized IDO launchpad and incubation platform brings all DeFi stakeholders together while serving their interests.
Some of the services provided by Instaraise include;
A decentralized launchpad for new projects on Tezos.
As a user, you can take part in farming by providing liquidity on pairs/projects you find interesting.
Take part in staking pools and earn incentives in terms of project tokens.
Are you a project builder? Instaraise is here to help you with ideation and mentorship.
Instaraise features a unique DEX — InstaDex where you can trade. The testnet for the DEX will be launched soon.
Instaraise can also help you connect with potential partners to create new market communities.


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I should check out Instaraise. nice one
Instaraise is a great DeFi platform with lots of possibilities. I have gone through their white paper and I must say that they are a great platform and Dapp. Tezos too is a wonderful blockchain even tho it has somehow lost its hype
It's so great to be here
Be a part of Instaraise!
I am familiar with Instaraise. It is a really great project. I have been following them up for over a year now and I have no regrets.
Instaraise ??
nice ta bro
wow! Are you sure this model will be existent in a while?
We should be taking part in this instaraise
This article got me reading every detail