Troubled nights

5 Apr 2023

I'm breaking; there's no fixing me.

Even though I'm gone, nobody will miss me.

Still trembling

from my worst fears.

Don't approach; I can't let you in.

I suppose you're correct; I'm much too skinny and waging a losing battle.

I don't know where to begin because I have so many imperfections, from my messy hair to my broken heart.

What's the point then?

to carry on the conflict?

As my restless days become restless nights.

Life hasn't been fair to me.

That hurts so bad and I can finally tell that nobody cared.

I'm still not sure of this.

What was the cause of God?

Why did He create me with all of my imperfections on earth?

Was I created only to perish?

Do I fit into a scheme?

made to understand that I won't live to be an old man.

I have no idea how to survive.

I don't stand to gain anything, and all I ask of you is to put an end to my suffering.

I am starting to forget what I have previously seen.

I can't seem to keep my balance, and I'm only seventeen.

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