We don't always win.

11 Sept 2022

Over two decades of fighting life's battles, I have learned to keep calm in the chaos. I believed that if one should put in one effort and determination, work hard and keep on pushing even as it gets tougher, we will always succeed.

I was wrong, there is always a time to stop fighting. When the 90 mins elapse and when the finish line has been crossed. When you've lost, stop. It is not a sign of weakness. It takes great courage to admit you've failed.

It is okay to grieve but don't look too long in the mirror. Learn the lessons from your past mistakes but don't dwell on them, you may have lost a battle but there is still a war to be won.

Admitting we've failed is not giving up but if we fail to dare or try again, we give up.
Do you think it stupid to have failed and still have the guts to try again?  Nah, that's bravery.
When you start again, put in your very best, let losing never come to mind. Never give up till you reach the finish line. If you fail, it's okay, start again.

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Sometimes it is always good to accept the fact that you are exactly where you are suppose to be, you might not actually like it and you might now actually also like how you got here. After this realization, you can start making plans to become a better version of yourself.