TDD — The importance of the tests in software development

20 Aug 2022

A lot of programmers ignore the importance of testing your applications, sometimes, the tests are executed in the local host.

There are many companies that discourage to use of the TDD practice because they think that the development time will last longer, and for this reason, will increase more costs of the project. In principle, make sense, but in long-term the project there can be significant savings.

The fear of the production environment

We need to feel fear because fear helps protect us. Sometimes we feel fear to deliver a new feature in the production environment.

Many times that cause is not having sure if the software will work as expected. This is one of the reasons that should have automated tests in your application.

So, the TDD is a key to manage the fear during the programming.

Imagine a scenario in which you working to fix a bug. And after a while, you fixed the bug, but how would you know if this fix implementation broke another resource on your system? You have some possibilities

  • Run UI tests, or manual tests, but if the program is too big, forget it, and there is the possibility of mistakes human these tests. For example, don’t test other functionality that can be impacted by the fix because don’t knowledge all system.
  • Run the automated test, and you’ll have faster feedback if any flow from the system is broken. If the system is totally coverage with tests of course.

In an article created by Boby George and Lourie Williams with 6 group pairs of the programmers, in which 6 was TDD pair and 6 control pair in a total of 24 professional developers, they believe that

  • 87.5% — TDD approach facilitates better requirements understanding
  • 95.8% — Reduces debugging effort
  • 50.0% — Felt that TDD led to less code development time
  • 78.0% — Thought TDD improves overall productivity

For questions relating to the effectiveness

  • 92.0% — Believed that TDD yields higher quality code
  • 79.0% — Thought that TDD promotes simpler design
  • 71.0% — Thought that approach was noticeably effective
  • 80.0% — Thought that TDD is effective

But, adopting a TDD mindset was difficult, in the article was to 56% of the professional developers, for me either, but my tip is:

  • You need to understand the product that you work
  • You need to understand the functional requirements that you will implement
  • You need to practice every day :)


Growing the company in a faster mode

The number of technical bugs can be reduced with TDD, and the Project Managers can estimate with more confidence. If the number of technical bugs is reduced, so the team has more time to work on new features, decreasing the development time invested to fix bugs and gaining more time to create new features, the application takes more quality, and evolution, as a result, increasing the billing company.

Then, what do you think is better: to invest in a developer team, that spends more time creating features or fixing bugs?

The fear of refactoring

The automated tests in an application and good test coverage, give us possibilities that refactor the code without fear into broken some features. Because the process of the refactor can change the behavior that some features, then an application with good test coverage, will give us fast feedback if this happens.


Boby George and Laurie Williams. 2003. An initial investigation of test driven development in industry. In Proceedings of the 2003 ACM symposium on Applied computing (SAC ‘03). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 1135–1139.

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This is very enlightening. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for your comments, Johnson. This academic paper it's really nice. ;)
Please share any information of share market
software development cycle is depends on nature of software and its complexity.
At a glance some naive developers or rather software developing companies may think that tests of a software during it's development is costly but rather it guarantee's efficiency, reliability, sustainability and of avoids more further cost especially when it released to the public and does not meet the fundamental operational standards. As such the importance of tests during software development should be mandatory.
"This article does a great job of highlighting the importance of TDD in software development. It clearly explains the benefits of having a robust testing framework in place, such as catching bugs early on and increasing overall code quality. I particularly liked the emphasis on the importance of testing at the unit level. It's a great reminder to always think about how our code will be tested and to make sure we're not leaving any gaps in our testing coverage."
Orthodox 🔶
software development is a great way to think about software. It's like taking a top-down approach where you focus on software development is a great way to think about software. It's like taking a top-down approach where you focus what the expected output is and work backward to find a solution.
software development is a great way to think about software. It's like taking a top-down approach where you focus on software development is a great way to think about software. It's like taking a top-down approach where you focus what the expected
Software development cycle is common our life
Software developer test give the proper information about the product working condition and defects so that its more useful
this is a good article but testing and quality assurance are essential to ensure that software is reliable, secure and meets user requirements. However, testing can be time consuming and may not catch all potential issues.
Great article! The importance of TDD (Test Driven Development) cannot be overstated in software development. By writing tests first, developers can ensure that the code meets the required specifications and catch any potential bugs early on in the development process. This leads to a more efficient development cycle, higher-quality code, and increased confidence in the final product. Thank you for shedding light on this topic.
Yes it's very important to do test in programming. Y because it's necessary to avoid error. And maintain a good relationship.
Quite enjoyable to read! Keep up the good work.
This is very insightful and explanatory
Johnson Chau
Test driven development is a great way to think about software. It's almost like taking a top down approach where you focus what the expected output is and work backwards to find a solution. And thank you referencing an academic paper on this - will take a look at it.
By writing tests before the actual code, developers can validate their understanding of the requirements and catch any potential errors early in the development process. This not only saves time and effort in the long run but also helps to build more robust and maintainable software.
Tests plays a very important role in the software development programs. Hope se
They're very important in every aspect of software development