Lesson on kindness and giving

21 Apr 2022

Lesson on kindness and giving

On almost everybody's morale compass, the act of kindness and giving should be up there in terms of doing something for someone to make their day, to help them through rough times, or just to be a good person and offer a helping hand for someone who looks in need! These are all wonderful things to do, and it most certainly boosts oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin which all act as a ways to improve your mood. While these are all positive things, there are a lot more factors to consider when people want to be kind for one another. This could be for validation, sense of self worth or helping out just because that is what is second nature to you. These are all valid things to do as long as you can control to what level you are sacrificing for yourself.

A common general rule of thumb which is a simple but incredibly valuable concept is important to follow. Only give up what you are prepared to or willing to lose. Whether it may be time, money, or emotional investment, it is always important to keep in mind what boundaries you are okay with. Never put at stake more than what you are okay with losing, not all outcomes have to be bad, but in-case one of many turn out negatively, you don't want it to hurt yourself. I'm not saying to be selfish, but to be self aware, doing something, even anything for someone is always more than enough and you should keep that close to you.

For anyone who suffers or feels constantly betrayed or let down by people when trying to help them, don't forget it's okay to set your boundaries, be more caring of your position and what you're okay with! No person should ever have to put up more than they are willing to lose when participating in an act of genuine kindness. You're important too! <3

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Great lesson to be learnt here!
Love this! I will be releasing an article soon talking about how I think about my principles / integrity, so keen to share that soon
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