Vegan Diet: What's special?

10 Aug 2022

What is special in this diet, why it is called 'Veganism'
Vegan Diet:

  There are many benefits of vegan diet. Due to this, diseases like BP, sugar and cancer remain under control. After all, why is this diet different, know what to eat and what not.
There is a saying right, as will our food, so will our body and mind. Vegan diet is very much in trend these days, from celebrities to people related to spiritual field are following vegan diet. This diet not only keeps you fit and healthy but also motivates you towards a sattvik diet.

Ever since Virat Kohli started the vegan diet, many people have become a fan of this diet. Those who follow this diet are called veganism or veganism. Let us know what is this diet and is it possible to keep it, how to keep this diet and what are its benefits.

What is Vegan Diet :
Dietitians suggest you many types of diet to lose weight, but vegan diet is completely different in itself. During this diet, you cannot eat non-veg, which means that any food item that comes from an animal or belongs to an animal is prohibited. Like milk, egg, non veg, fish, meat etc. It is completely vegetarian diet.
In which you can include vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts etc. but you cannot eat any non-veg things. Although dairy products can be taken in vegetarian diet, but it is vegetarian as well as vegan diet, in which it is forbidden to take any food item of animal nature.

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