Hope is a mystery

10 Jan 2023

I have no idea why this world is so cruel and abusive. We have all witnessed Earth's magnificent mysteries.

The breathtaking oceans and mountains will make you cry, so why do we have to mistreat this land?
How can we resolve this?

We should never damage those we care about.

We are surrounded by betrayal and fear, and I don't understand why anyone would want to hurt another person or cause them emotional distress. After all, we are all human and experience pain. It has a mystique about it.

But I remain hopeful.
In a year, you can ask me the same question: "How could something so lovely end in flames?" I hope someone will speak up and save us.

I would tell you, as I have told others before, that all I can do is hope, so for the time being I will do as I have instructed and mark it with a star because every star represents the hope of every man, woman, and child for a new day. They can call those billions of stars out there "balls of fire," but we must grasp onto them and never let go in order to maintain our hope.

In the end, all I know is that we're all just people.All of us experience pain, and I'm holding onto that star and never letting go.

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