16 Jul 2022

What was the greatest MISTAKE that led to years of failure:

Truth be told, it can be summed up in one word: "NO."

I accepted everything that occurred in my life by saying "yes"

1. Accepting the presence of unsavory characters in my life.

2. Deciding to give up when things get difficult

3. Accepting negativity (selfishness, rage, jealousy, impatience, greed, fear, loneliness, disgust, hate, frustration, helplessness, guilt, depression, criticizing, regret, stress, and bewilderment) in my life.

Saying YES to something we don't want means we want more of it.
It completely contradicts the rule of abundance.

Let's term it as Scarcity rule.

I didn't succeed until I embraced the rule of scarcity.

Because I was bad, I only drew negative clients, friends, and managers. I also attracted failures and negativity for the same reason.

Not THEM, but ME.

I couldn't say no.

My life began to change once I began to say NO.

NO also denotes clarity and dispels uncertainty.

I'm sure you've heard it said a lot.

I am powerless to refuse:)

One of them, I was. 
I lacked moral fiber.

The most potent word is "no." 
It entails accepting the correct things with a yes.

Are you doing the same mistake ? Share your most rememberable mistakes in your life in the comment section below. Because I truly believe that sharing is caring:)

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Saying No is hard but it’s critical. Recognising you can not do everything and setting expectation on what you can do makes it far easier to say no. But say no nicely.
Its very hard practice saying no to some one but always we should thik ourself and clear our mind then say no if not possible.
Saying No to others what we can't afford or wants really improves us.