Being a Crypto Ambassador

15 Jun 2022

Being part of the crypto space exposed Me to several ways to contribute to projects in the crypto space. 

One of such ways is being an Ambassador for a crypto space. 

Who is an Ambassador?
A crypto ambassador is someone who promotes and represents a Crypto Project on His/Her social media platform and in some cases His/Her local community. An ambassador helps a project to increase its reach and create awareness.

As an ambassador, there are some basic requirements expected of you, such as a good follower base on your social media platform(s), good communication skills, and content creation skills, such as making videos, writing articles, creating infographics etc.

To become an ambassador, you will first have to apply to the project that needs an ambassador then you will wait for the application to be reviewed and ambassadors will be selected based on their previous experiences and what they can offer to the project.

To be a successful ambassador, one must put in their best to improve whatever skills they intend to use to contribute to a project.

To conclude, ambassadors earn rewards for their contributions, and it varies from $100 a month to as high as $2000+

Stay tuned, I will be sharing some important tricks to bag an ambassadorial job

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