You are your own motivation

17 Feb 2023

What Does motivation mean:
Motivation as a term has numerous definition from various motivational speakers but the one with a significant meaning goes as the process of inspiring individuals to take action in order to achieve a goal. It may involve giving items to support or fuel a process and it may also entail giving encouraging speech. In this context, we will pay greater attention to the latter.
How does being motivated come to be:
Motivation is a product of listening and listening is a psychoactive process which involves the tripartite activities of an encoder (listener), a decoder (the motivational speaker) and the information passed. The listener has an essential part to play in order to get motivated. This is very true and it supports the popular saying “You can only force a horse to the river but you can never force it to drink from it.” This is the main reason why so many people listen to a motivational speaker but only a few of them get motivated and yet fewer of them back their motivation up with suitable action.
When do we say we have been motivated?
The above question may seem simple but it should taken into consideration that being motivated is very different from obtaining mere inspiration due to a well crafted and an usual arrangement of words by modern speakers. Motivation is only said to have taken place when it is backed up by behavioral changes or should I say a permanent change in the lifestyle of the listener. But this is often not permanent. In other words, motivation is fickle. This now bombard us with another crucial question.
What disrupts motivational permanence:
Motivation is unreliable – and when you are counting on motivation to get your goals accomplished, it becomes a herculean task. Why does this ? This happens due to this. To achieve anything great in life, one must surmount mountains that may seem unsurmountable and when this stage is reached, motivation may not be able to produce a desirable results hence one must fall back to determination and self motivation which entails continually reminding oneself of the whole essence of embarking on such a journey.
This shows that no matter how good a motivational speaker is, self motivation is the most effective type of motivation and is not found bin any other person on the globe but you because you are your own motivation

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