All that glitters is not gold

3 Dec 2022

What does it profit?
ladies of easy virtue,
when you go around electrocuting men:
men of purity, with your “bottom electricity”
without fear of repercussion!

what do you stand to gain?
when you go with seduction,
just for money and affluence,
destroying your body in the process,
just for mere paper,money!

how do you even feel?
when you walk half naked,
all to get men’s attention,
all for a token fee for the night,
with all the risk hell can offer!

surely, you will know how it feels,
when you are bound by the hospital bed,
when your body begins to decay.
you will sure know how it feels,
when you are deposited in the grave

”all that glitters is not gold!”
its high time you changed from this ways of yours.
pick a new course of life 
to make our environment healthy 
for your presence currently is a nuisance 


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