Nature: Bees Part-5

31 Aug 2022

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I immediately got up from there and entered the sugarcane field. A swarm of bees also ran after me. The number of bees was greatly reduced, while passing through the bottom, hiding and crawling among the sugarcane trees. His flock was left behind. Hiding in the sugarcane fields, I went a long way. There were still many bees clinging to my body. His sting was broken by piercing my body.

Walking through the sugarcane fields, I cut a big circle and reached there again. I asked my friend from far away to bring a cycle. He brought a cycle and we immediately rode back to Rohtan.
In Rohta Bazar itself, there was a practice of a petty doctor. By the time he passed by, he got to know him a little. After reaching him, we told the whole story. I don't remember anything about what was in it, but Dr. Saheb gave one injection each in both the hands. Gave a handful of medicines to eat. Which I ate there. Then given to eat at home. Asked to rest at home and said that if any non-essential symptoms are seen, then come immediately. There were some stings in my head, in my body. Which he took out by grabbing it with tweezers. We immediately reached that friend's place. Who was staying here. I was very tired. There was a lot of pain too.

I went to sleep as soon as I got the bed from there. Medicines must have had an effect too. All the tales of bee bites must have followed me. But, I am not aware of them. After dinner, my friend's mother gave a glass of milk by adding a spoonful of ghee. Said everything will be fine. Don't bother What would I do? Fell asleep.

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