Week in Review: New Features Have Arrived

6 Apr 2022

Hello BULBers,

Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone who has contributed their feedback last week, it has been incredibly valuable for us to hear your thoughts on the platform and receive what we can only describe as an amazing amount of insight on how to best prepare for the next phase of our Beta Launch.

New Features

This week we have introduced some new features to the platform with Version 0.1.0, the highlights are:

  1. A new notification system so that you can keep track of engagement with your content.
  2. We have added the ability to follow your friends and favourite writers on the platform.
  3. Comments will now feature in chronological order.

Congratulations to Minted Millennials, who took home the chocolates for BULB's Article of the week with their interesting read - "F.I.R.E - Staking Strategy?"

If you haven't already, go give it a read!

On April 15th we will be welcoming over 200 new members to the BULB community as Beta 1.0 is released to some our very first shortlisted members, the team is incredibly excited to have them onboard as we continue to bring this community to life and look forward to their feedback on the platform.

Still Have Feedback?

1) Complete a short google form here
2) Let the team know directly

Have a great week everyone!

-BULB Team

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When you look Back and reflect on what has been delivered since this post. It’s truly amazing and engaging. The new features continue to add value to the community. Great work team.
Minted Millennials
Awesome updates, I am looking forward to seeing how the notification feature works. Also, looking forward to having more people in the platform!
Great update!
MBA ChitChat
Amazing progress ! 5 stars to the people involved !
Johnson Chau
Very keen to see how everyone finds this update!
Good updates! Will be using BULB more :)
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