My Crypto Discord Weekly Round-Up #1

11 Jun 2023

Crypto Media is a great source of information, it's very easily digested as it's all organised for you. Not a lot outside the mainstream projects though.

Crypto Twitter is a great source of information too, but it's literally everything so the noise can often overpower any signal.

Crypto Discords are sort of the best of both worlds. They have the structure that Crypto Twitter does not (and can never have) but go deeper then Crypto Media can (or will ever be able to). The downside is you need to actually be in the Discord to see information.

There's a lot of interesting stuff that gets announced in Discords that I see, that others don't.
So I'm making an effort to post anything I think is particularly noteworthy for people outside of the Discord. And quite frankly I love what these teams are doing and it should rightly get more airtime.

I post daily on my Solcial account (see link at the bottom of the post) and on BULB I'm going to do a summary of those posts in a blog post (the one you're reading now!).

The rules I've set for myself are pretty simple:

  1. I only post from the official announcements channel/s in each Discord. No gated token/NFT gated channels and no discussions from channels.
  2. I only post what I find interesting. Your mileage may vary. I do have a soft spot for alpha though...

That's it. Let's get to the posts.

YoloNolo Discord - 06/05/2023


Bonk Discord 06/07/2023

We had a couple announcements that we wanted to highlight for everyone.

First our merch website is live! You can go to To get all the Bonk gear you could need.

Secondly the $Bonk app is live for Solana mobile. Soon you'll be able to claim free $Bonk check out more details here.

LP Finance Discord 06/06/2023

MNDE, ARB, HBB, LFNTY is now live on TWAMM!

GILF Discord 05/29/2023

We're thrilled to announce that the GLIF Pools protocol is now live!
Read more about what you can expect over the next few days/weeks/months here

Depositing is now enabled.

Trader Joe Discord 06/02/2023

Auto-Pools are here: Automated liquidity built on Liquidity Book, the most capital-efficient AMM in DeFi

Trader Joe makes #DeFi easy
Auto-Pools are set to democratize access to Liquidity Book by automating the process of liquidity balancing within Liquidity Book Pools. The era of effortless, one-click yield farming has arrived.

How do Auto-Pools work?
Deposit Liquidity into an Auto-Pool
The Auto-Pool automates the process of rebalancing the liquidity
Upon withdrawal users receive their share of assets and any accrued fees

What's available?
The General is the first Auto-Pool available that rebalances liquidity positions to maximize fees. The General responds to market trends, asset imbalances and adapts to most markets and environments.
• Available For: AVAX-USDC #Avalanche and ETH-USDC #Arbitrum
• Expect more Auto-Pools soon 'The Seeker' and options for BNB Chain

What's different about Auto-Pools?
Unlike existing solutions, Auto-Pool strategies are executed by an off-chain hosted command center called ‘The Black Box’. This allows for Auto-Pools to be dynamically updated and iterated on to further optimise the rebalancing process over time. When a user deposits into an Auto-Pool, they receive back an 'APT' receipt that is an ERC-20, APTs are therefore fungible enabling seamless integration possibilities with partner protocols to open up new yield farming options.

Trader Joe builds to serve all #DeFi users
Auto Pools are set to revolutionize the DeFi liquidity provisioning landscape. Access the power of Liquidity Book with a simple one-click yield farming experience.

Read more:

Hubble Discord 06/06/2023

Hubble Stability Fee Update

The Stability Fee will be set to 2% on June 13 at 1400 UTC.

Here’s a quick refresher on Hubble’s Stability Fees:

The Stability Fee helps maintain the $USDH peg. A fee increase encourages users to acquire USDH from the market and repay their loans, creating upward pressure on the peg.

All fees contribute to the Hubble Native Yield (HNY), which is earned by users providing USDH in the Stability Vault. As some users acquire market USDH to repay their loans or to capture HNY by depositing in the Stability Vault, this should push $USDH back to $1.000.

If you’d like to join the discussion about Stability Fees, join the Hubble Forum topic about the issue here:

For more info on Stability Fees, head to the docs:

Samoyedcoin (SAMO) Discord 06/03/2023

Jupiter x Samoyedcoin Giveaway

Head on over to Jupter Exchange, submit a $SAMO limit order and experience the smooth and easy UI of Jupiter!

Over the next month (June 2nd - July 2nd) you can win up to 100k $SAMO weekly just from trading on Jupiter limit orders!

For more details and Jupiter Limit Orders page check below.

ALEX Discord 06/10/2023

Peg-In Opening for $MXRC, $OHMS, $JAKE and $IGLI

Listing for four new tokens currently opening on B20!


Trading will commence once the peg-in circulation reaches 0.05% of the maximum supply.

Tutorial here:


Trading Opens for $VMPX and $@LFG tokens on ALEX's B20 marketplace.

Join the vibrant BRC20 market and explore the potential of the latest tokens on B20.
Start trading now and experience the future of decentralized finance on Bitcoin!

Solcial Discord 06/09/2023

We're proud to announce today the launch of our Social-to-Earn staking program, where users can stake their SLCL, engage on the platform, and increase their APY as they grow!

The more active a user is, the higher their yield will be, effectively transforming social media engagement into a rewarding experience: More info at :


Hello @everyone! Exciting News: Aurory & Solcial Collaboration Giveaway
Round 1 starts today. Any Aurory player who joins over the next week will get 500 SLCL!
Double your rewards if you are an Aurorian.

Read this blog for more details:

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