Margaret River Pro WA

20 Apr 2023

This morning, Western Australia time, the Margaret River Pro started in nice clean conditions at the main break, Margaret River.
currently the Women’s first round has been run and they’re moving through the elimination round, where 1 surfer drops out, each heat.
I suspect the amens around 1 will start this afternoon, unless they go through another Round, for the Women.

Australian champ, Jack Robinson, won this event last year, but is unfortunately injured and out of this competition, leaving the door open for fellow Aussie, Ethan Ewing, fresh off a win at Bells, to take the title.
Hawaiian John John Florence is also a favourite.
In the Women’s, Aussie World Champ, Steph Gilmore surfs great at Marg’s ad foes Hawaiian, Carissa Moore.

Margaret River is a well known big wave hot spot, and will hopefully start to build in size - currently, the waves are nice, but not very big, so fingers crossed for a larger swell in the coming days 🤙

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