3 Nov 2023

Solana is on a roll - here are the words, nobody thought was possible to say, since the $FTX “fiasco”!

70% up in the last month… Wished you invested in it, I am right anon?! Well, you are still on time… It’s only up 500% since the lows! (Insert evil laughter here).

Probably we are due to a nice, crypto-humbling style correction - and I will be waiting for that. Probably around $28 would be my target, however, I know myself, and as soon, or if it goes to $30, I will fat finger ($20 well-earned bucks, that’s my purchasing power nowadays) and will scoop a nice bag of SOL, crying because 2 weeks later, actually, it will touch my designated price. This is all supposition and means nothing, do not trust anything I say, and you can trust that. I know nothing, never knew, never will, and if I got it right, it was major luck, no skill whatsoever!

But this is not the reason why I am writing this article. No sir! This is:

“A controversial report prepared by reputable asset management firm VanEck for Solana has sparked discussions. The report presents various price predictions for Solana, indicating that it could reach $9.81 in the worst-case scenario and $3,211 in the best-case scenario by 2030. This represents a price increase of 10,600% for Solana in the next 7 years.” - some random news source.

Is this possible? Well, it is! After all, we are speaking around 1.5 Trillion market cap for $SOL! Is this likely? Considering that is 2023, and we are 6 years away from 2030, and innovation and new narratives, are always flooding this space, I wouldn’t say is remotely likely. Not at all.

I am hereby calling you out anon! OPEN YOUR EYES! Do not let history repeat itself! No one knows what will happen. So stop dreaming, please! I am saying this, because I am a dreamer, and is not hard to dream about having an easy life, the problem is, if you dream too much, reality will hit you with a crushing elbow to the face. Again, I am not saying that Solana, cannot pull these numbers, because it can (mathematically speaking).

There are some factors to consider though. The obvious one is the FTX holdings on this asset. They will dump on us, and they will dump hard. Maybe it is a lot of smoke and no fire at all, but, let’s be cautious. Long term, probably it won’t matter, and we will have the opportunity to scoop some nice price-tagged “Solano”. But be ready for the FUD.

Again, don’t get me wrong. By the strength that has been shown so far $SOL can fly, and can fly higher. I know that I will be buying some more, however, look at this prediction with a grain of salt. Don’t forget that for someone to profit, someone else has to lose, and big players have 0 remorse or guilty conscience, in making you exit liquidity and it doesn’t feel nice, for us, (for them feels like a PB & J sandwich).

Don’t go all in one trade, this is what I learned last cycle… (yes I bought Cardano at $0.06, at $0.13 at $0.40) and see this f*cker fly to the moon! Do you know how much profit I made? Rather not say, but I think you already got the point… If it was now, I would play it differently, much differently. The thing is I do believe in second chances, and cannot disregard this second chance, so I will play accordingly.

I don't care what people are saying, profit is profit, and I won't commit the same mistake. Also will stop thinking about exact numbers - What I mean is, I used to think to take profits in "exact" numbers - $50, $75, $100, etc. - but this is a dangerous way of thinking, so won't be repeating this.

Well, okay, I will not extend much longer, but guys keep in mind, that just because a "trusted" source, shares their predictions, doesn't mean they are right or that they know better. It's all speculation and we've seen this happen before with $FTX, $LUNA, etc. It's okay to be bullish, it's okay to dream, but it's not okay to be reckless. Don't let the greed destroy your goals!

Go for it SOLANO (Raoul Pal voice). That's it for today.

Thank you very much for reading. Hope you have enjoyed the article! Would really appreciate it if you could drop a follow on 👉🏽Twitter(X)👈🏽

See you soon fam!

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Very true. You never know what is going to happen, why risk it. Take your profits when you feel it is time to. No shame in that. It is better to take 5% profit, than to lose 50% of the portfolio value. Personally for me, I'm the type that is lazy - well, more like I have a lot of other things to do in life and could not afford to keep tabs on crypto 24 hours the whole 10 years. So I tend to buy and forget - of course after I store them safely somewhere hacker can't get it. Who knows where this thing lands in the next 10 years.
Great write up, stay cautious the flight waits for no one. Keep up✊🏼
Great read. I have a feeling we will see SOL and multiple other projects go sky high in the next 1 to 1 1/2 years. Keep stacking and HODL. Our future depends on it!
fluctuation in price due to specific movement of SOL from FTX wallets are not healthy but it is crypto world and whales are in rule.
Interesting and very enjoyable article. Thank you
I've reevaluated Solana positively in recent months. However, it's crucial to learn how to profit from positive trends without getting too attached to coins. It's challenging, but experience should be our guide :)
Solana did over 10% drop in the past 24hrs
No doubt the credibility of Solana chain and SOL as token but some times the situation goes worst due to third parties like exactly now FTX wallet pushing huge SOL to exchanges and price dumping. Agreed 💯, we should not believe on speculation and humorous and should wait till clear figures. Thanks @JonyGoesWeb3 for wonderful write up.
Oh nice article, sorry I know I should not be chuckling to myself but yes I also had Cardano lol, some still believe. As for Solana a lot of news buzzing around it recently so I exchanged my HNT now IOT Helium earnings for some SOL. Will maybe add to it and wait for alt season. I had sort of dismissed it due to FTX and the dumping of tokens but we shall see. Have a great day.
I'm planning to buy some solana! Thanks for the article and for the information!
I'd rather stake some solana till the next bull run