Shamshera : Spoiler Free Review

22 Jul 2022

Shamshera is Bollywood movie now releasing on from 22 July all over India and other countries too. The movie has cast Ranbir Kapoor as major cast ,Vanni Kapoor for female lead , Sanjay Dutt as major antagonist .  

The film is based on ancient India before it was freed from British . To get free From British ,some groups of people starts going against them . And to prevent this also British hire Indian also. The Short things about is all about this.

The good aspects of movies is it's VFX like other Bollywood movie , actors performance ,full of action , romantic scenes ,more musical and in greater theme. Main antagonist character Sanjay Dutt nailed his role while others casts also have above average actings. 

The bad thing about movie is that they made too modernised character of lead female characters and they present  Vaani Kapoor as glamarous purpose only. Since the story was of before ,Vanni Kapoor always looks like from 2022-2039 female . Her fill Time screen on basis if her performance is Good but designation and her appearance is made too modernised .

After all , this is our own Bollywood movie so must love this movie . The film is fun to watch but leaves no major impact after watching. If you are fans of the actor ,You can go and watch it . 

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Another day ,another diappointment from bollywood . Although this movie was supposed to bring bollywood a hope , I think it still fails.The movie has many flaws mainly on dressing sense of lead female character based on story timeline. Her ovver glamarousness was not necessarily needed.
Shamshera is the best movie, I have ever seen loved it
Good spoiler free review