Wanda After joining Avengers Teams.

15 Jun 2022

As we already knew about Wanda joining Avengers and she fell in love with Vision. She had been then one of the important character in MCU.She then become important part of Civil War aiding in Captain America teams. She shown her worthy and important character in Infinity war in Wakanda destroying Thanos army. Although ,Avengers lost that battle aganist battle and Thanos took the mind stone from Vision and snap. Then Wanda also got snapped.

After Antman plans for the Time Travel with left Avengers including IronMan ,Hulk and captain. 
Hulk uses nano-gaunlet to restores the blipped Avengers and other beings in universe . She also get her life back but not Vision. By this time, there was fight happening between Thanos and Avengers Big Three (only Thor , Captain and IronMan). The Big Three were almost losing but The restored Avengers including Wakandian Army , Doctor strannge , Wanda and many others joined battle and they won this aganist Thanos with sacrifice of IronMan.

Let's focus of Wanda in this battle, When she found the Titan then she become full angry and said 'You destroyed everythings' but Titan replid her that He didn't know her . Then she said 'You will soon' and attacked Titan with her full potential of magic and almost destroy Thanos. In this Battle , it was clear that , the most powerful being 'Thanos' was scared of her and that scareness was seen in his face and words. Thanos didn't care about his Army and forced his Army to led Rain fire and Wanda got distracted . It was almost cleared than Wanda was so powerful after losing Vision and she really scared Thanos.

This is  how Wanda has been in after joining Avengers teams to Thanos attack time, but I will cover the instresting journey of Wanda after Endgame in next blogs.

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