How to drive us crazy without costing us much work

15 Sept 2023
"Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time"
Terry Pratchett

AI. A topic that resonates. The world's largest organizations and powers are ready to solve the most pressing problems, education systems are horrified, there are more writers than taxi drivers, and the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors are ready to make dizzying profits... Sound too centralized and corporate? No fear. This won't be a serious read, I promise.

Hello, my name is R2-D3, how may I help you?...
Please think about it. What is the average user's experience with this revolutionary technology? Personalized ads, virtual assistants, chatbots and image generators will put a slight smile on your face that will quickly disappear with the next report of an autonomous vehicle malfunction... Nothing giddy. In short, it's hard to imagine that these nascent artificial intelligences will one day enslave all of humanity... After all, it's been 26 years since Deep Blue defeated Kasparov. And the apocalypse nowhere. Everything is under control...

I'm a robot...
There are undoubtedly states that are more open to technology than others. It's because they're rich or they just love AI and robotics. I can proudly state that my country also contributed to the development of this industry in no small measure... That is, by inventing the word Robot. And that counts!!!
Thanks to my assistant Bard 1.26.0. for verifying the historical facts and of course to all my readers, see you soon!!!
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