20 Aug 2022

the world national elephant day is commended consistently on twelfth of aug with plan on  recognize the elephants importance on our environment they are a wise clever they have the greatest mind of any land creature

the elephant populace has decreased by half throughout the course of recent years the ongoing populace gauges demonstrate that there are around 30000-70000 asian elephants  over 65 of the populace is held in india

it underlines on raising the familiarity with the dangers that elephants face in their day to day routines whether poaching abuse in bondage or territory misfortune each and every calculate assumes a part creature misuse 

elephants is know to have the longest-gestational pregnancy time everything being equal enduring as long as 680 days, 22 month that's subsequently proclamation 2 is right female between 14 to 45 years might bring forth  around like clockwork on interbirth spans expanding with the five years on the age 52 and six years by the age 60

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elephant is also very very strong then can lift a good amount of weight i love the elephant specially their tunk it look unique and amazing
Rajat Dhariwal
Elephant is currently the largest animal on earth. There is no match for his strength. The king of the jungle, the lion also bows before him. But along with strength, the elephant has also learned to balance. And it is learned that one should stop speaking of elders. In the video shared on Twitter, the giant elephant with the help of its trunk and big teeth, lifts a large wood, then takes it and tries hard to keep it on a long and sticky pillar.
Elephants are quite brilliant
Pretty Rani
I know something interesting and new from here 680 Days almost two years just wow i had seen in lot of movie Elephant is used by King to represent the status and high tunk teeth is really expensive that's reason most people kill elephant