Justice League Team

20 Jun 2022

Justice league is powerful team of  superhero in DC Comics. The members are Batman , Superman ,Wonder woman ,Flash , Aquaman ,Green lantern and Martaian Manhunter.

Each member are strong enough to overcome and solves the majority of problem but let's crack down them by one by one. Batman is technology genius and can provide any solution to anysort of threats. Superman is strong enough to tackle any sort of attack and can make enemy feels like a normal infront of him. Wonder Woman has abilities to fight durable and has many weapons like lasso of Truth and God killer swords. Flash can do anything related to time like time reverse ,reset etcs. Aquaman is king of Sea and can control everything on Sea . Green lantern can make anysort of weapons using his green rings. Martian Manhunter has many Powers. Superman and Martaian Manhunter has any superpower that one thinks of. But Superman left behind when it's come to magical superpower. 
Batman is famous in DC comics because he can do whatever and can take any powerful being if get enough Time to prepare.

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Superman is most strongest while Batman is most wisest.
The storyline of Justice league is very good but due to many conflicts amongs the casts , producers and even studios , they have been producing very annoying movies. The DC could have been very great with their comics but mostly they are failed. Altough in animated movies and series , they are afar ahead of MARVEL.