6 Jan 2023

Home, a place like no other
Home more than just the building
The projection of a legacy or maybe a dynasty
With each step a distance, each distance a memory valued
The concept of leaving home to chase your dream is magnificent
The pursuit to take your life in your hands and shape it into a dazzling sight of wonders.

But home, remains a beacon, the starting point to why you took that decision.
"I'll get used to it"
The absence, the sense of being distant will occupy me so much so my hunger for home will be purge.
Might I say, no one lives in this world alone. You'll need the mechanic, the food vendor, the colleague, those you're closer to and feel like you can tell anything, loosen up in their presence.

Time is irreplaceable, memories are priceless, make them count. Each moment you draw breath, each moment you smile, you cry, you make love, you masturdate, do it like it's the last.
Make a home worthy of remembrance, jubilation and happiness.

Make Home Count.

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