Testing Hypothesis: How to loose weight. Part 1

22 Sept 2022


I got tired of reading articles on how to lose weight, Diet plans for weight loss, how to lose 15kg in 7 days...lol, the Keto diet, 14 days slimming tea, and the rest. Comon, losing weight is more expensive than even gaining weight, why? because getting healthy foods are really pricey. Plus following through with such diet plans takes a lot of GRIT.

Before going in, onto the method of weight loss that could be suitable and I will be testing. Let's discuss different people, different body metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food and drinks you eat into energy.

Yes! your body needs energy. Energy for breathing, adjusting hormone levels, growing cells repairing cells, and circulating blood even when you are resting, your body needs energy for the functions stated above.

Basic body metabolism are; ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

For a relatable description, one skinny friend who tends to eat whatever he/she wants without getting fat. That’s an ectomorph. They’re often able to overeat without gaining much weight - fast metabolism in action. If you fall under this metabolic type you should be looking to maintain a healthy weight while getting stronger, eat enough protein and incorporating strength training into your weekly workouts.

Mesomorphs are more of in the middle. typically have an athletic, can gain muscle easily. Unfortunately, they also gain fat easily too, so they need to be careful not to overeat. If you fall under this category be sure get a mix of strength training and cardio in your weekly workout routine, and try to cut back on their carb intake.

Endormorph-- (This is me)
Endomorphs have a larger bone structure and more overall body fat , better at storing nutrients than the other two types. Endomorphs generally have thicker arms and strong legs with a round body. Gain muscle and fat easily. Slow metabolism. It can be hard for an endomorph to lose weight, but not impossible!!

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