My peace

4 Mar 2023

In a world where I can fully be who I choose to be, where I can just let go and be at peace with who I am, that is what I envision when I think of peace.

A world devoid of prejudice, hatred, and suffering
a society in which nobody is condemned or judged
a setting that values equality and human life
a season of celebration and community, when there is no distinction between right and wrong

where there is no distinction between good and bad based on one's race or religion
when nobody is nasty, disrespectful, or cruel
a location that allows for the maintenance of a positive mood

A calm wave washing up a beach comes to mind when I think of tranquility.
the grin that a mother and child exchange.
the absence of riots, violence, hostility, and other disruptive events

Nations will eventually unite and become one, just as the Lord intended. We are all members of the same people.
arranged in a single world

When I envision peace, I envision a better future for everyone.

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