Circle just announced something big for Arbitrum's liquidity

4 Jun 2023

On June 8, Circle intends to release Arbitrum, its USDC native version. This move is intended to replace the current bridged version of USDC.The native USDC on Arbitrum will be the "official version" acknowledged within the Arbitrum ecosystem, according to a tweet by Circle.

In order to ease the transition, Circle will change USDC's name on block explorers to "USDC.e" and collaborate with ecosystem Dapps to update their user interfaces. To enable a seamless transition of liquidity from bridging USDC to native USDC, The Arbitrum Foundation will work with these Dpps too.
The launch of native USDC on Arbitrum is in line with the larger goal of accelerating transactions by putting a Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) in place. A permissionless on-chain utility is the CCTP.
this can lead to Increased transaction speed. USDC can be exchanged between Ethereum and Arbitrum more quickly and effectively by utilizing the CCTP. This can shorten transaction processing times and improve user experience overall, making Arbitrum a more alluring option for users that value quick and seamless transactions. 
In my opinion, this was very bullish for the Arb coin, as its blockchain becomes easier and faster to use, the demand for the coin will increase.
In addition, the increase in demand for Dapps products built on Arbitrom's blockchain will cause an increase in the price of these tokens. So your homework is to find good quality Projects with functional products on the Arbirom blockchain and write them in the comments. I will research them and might buy them. I might even write to them.

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