Tips For Effective Leadership

6 Oct 2022
To be an impactful leader, you must first understand what leadership entails. Do not forget that a leader is not born but is made meaning that you and I could learn the tenets of leadership and train ourselves to becoming the leaders in which the world has been dreaming of. As long as learning never ends, a true leader never stops doing anything and everything possible to become better and to be a better leader. Do not forget, to be a better leader then you must first be the best servant.


Know your strengths and weaknesses:

A leader who knows his strengths and weaknesses and how to manage them is sure to perform great deeds and transform his followers. An effective and efficient leader is not measured by his strengths but by his ability to transform his ineptitude into an altitude of dexterity. we all have weaknesses but not all of us can convert our weaknesses into strengths. This feat is possible to attain and we can all attend that height if we are prepared to make a change in our generation. Do not forget “Strength can be changed to weakness and weakness to strength, it all depends on you.”

Know when to say “I am sorry“:

Leaders are not infallible beings but when to acknowledge a misdeed and apologize may be almost impossible to get from most leaders. When this pride-like attribute infects a leader, he begins to fall no matter how great he was. A leader who considers himself too great or should I say too high to apologize is not a true leader. All who crave for change as leaders must learn to apologize because apology is a tool for commanding obedience and legitimacy from followers. As a leader be the first to say "I am sorry", when you know that it is the right thing to do.


A leader is expected to know that humility is very crucial for effective representation. A leader who is humble will not sit to ditch out instructions but will assist in carrying out these instructions. Since leadership entails servanthood, then a leader should be prepared to carry out his primary purpose which is to serve. On the contrary,  people take up leadership positions to be served rather than to serve. This is the main reason why our society is crumbling without any form of remedy. But the good news is “You can make a difference”.

Be a Great Leader lndeed:

A leader is very different from a great leader. Rosalynn Carter told us that “ A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” this is the thin thread that differentiate a great leader from a mere leader. But the unanswered question is “How can a leader convey people to where they don’t want to be without compelling them to do so?” After examining this problem, The most suitable solution here is charisma. People will naturally follow a leader with strong charismatic influence on them. A leader with strong charismatic influence on his followers does not need to compel them but his charisma should.

Following the points above and learning from others who have been there will make you that leader that you're company, your state or your country has been praying for. Keep learning, keep leading until you change the world.


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