The best players in the 80s

6 Aug 2022

In the 80s basketball had some if the most well known players here are the best players in the 80s

Number 5 Is Hakeem Olajuwon he played for the Houston Recoleta and was great scorer in the post position he was a great shot blocker and won 2 championships.

Number 4 Michael Jordan although He is the best player all time this was he’s early seasons he was still a great player in this decade. 

Number 3 is Isiah Thomas he was a point guard for the Detroit pistons and brought 2 champion ships to this franchise carrying the team on his back 

Number 2 is Larry Bird the first great three point shooter he had a great mentality and was a great competitor with Magic Johnson.

Number 1 Magic Johnson the best passer in the whole NBA he helped the laker team to 5 championships in the 80s and deserves a place in everyone’s top 10 players.

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