The Seat Of Eckstein High II

15 Jan 2023

Bang Bang Bang!!! A loud knock on the gate shook the whole compound. Erasmus could hear the banging, but he didn't care, he sat in the comfort of his cushion staring at the TV but he wasn't paying attention, he was so absent-minded he didn't even notice the children's show on TV. He hated children's shows. His wife came into the sitting room with a pestle in her hand.

"Honey! Aren't you hearing the person knocking on the gate?" She mumbled to him.

He came to it and turned to her. Noticing the pestle she was holding which was almost her height, he burst into laughter.

"Thank God for you, you're finally laughing." She commented, not minding his mocking laughter.

He hadn't let out as much as a chuckle since he abruptly came home early a week ago. At that time, the school founder and former principal had come to visit him, both trying to convince him to come back to the school as vice principal, stating that the school needs him. Erasmus didn't care, he knew Dr. Ignatius Imeh was going to retire from his position as principal in a few months and he had been eyeing that position for himself for quite some time. But on comes a juvenile delinquent of a millennial who in one bout, forces the principal to retire before his intended date, took his dream job, inherited ownership of the school, and wants to rule over him, NEVER.

"Go check who is at the gate." His wife spoke firmly.

He sluggishly dragged himself out of the house and to the gate. He opened the gate and almost fell to the floor when he saw who was standing there. 25-year-old Dr. Ada Taemerys in an eye-catching blue suit.

"Good afternoon Dr. Crown." The visitor greeted but Erasmus was too shocked to reply, so he continued "May I come in?"

"How do you know where I live?" He finally let out some words.

He regretted immediately he asked that question, it made him look stupid, of course, the new principal had access to it and had peeked into his personnel file. His first instinct was to turn him away, but he didn't want to cause a scene. Also, you never know, he could have come here to surrender the position of principal to him. Yes, he'd still be his boss as the owner but that'll be more bearable. So he invited him in.

Dr. Ada admired the flower-adorned compound as he walked through it. He looked around with the gaze of a detective looking for a clue in a crime scene until he got into the house. Erasmus offered him a seat and a malt.

"Thank you. You have a beautiful home."

"Yes, I know. Why are you here?"

"Direct. Well, that's an improvement, I was expecting you to turn me away at the gate but you even offered me a drink. Although you didn't ask if this was what I wanted, nevertheless, the gesture is appreciated."

"Why are you here?" Erasmus repeated the question with more dexterity.

"I want you to come back to Eckstein High and work for me."

"I don't work for children."

"Come on Erasmus, you know I'm no child. You're a thorough man, I'm sure you've done your research on me. Educationally, we're on the same level..."

"So why do you need me? You say we're mates, yes. So why are you here? Why do you need me? Cause you wouldn't be here if you didn't."

Ada rested his back on the chair and arranged his tie while taking in a deep breath. He looked around the room and then crossed his legs.

"At first, you came as a necessary evil, a criterion, a requisite, a clause to me inheriting the school. But after this past week, I spent getting acquainted with the operations of the school, getting to know the students, the staff... One phenomenon remained constant, you. I didn't even need to milk the cow for them to sing your praises. There's no Eckstein without Erasmus. So I need you by my side."

"Why don't you just leave the running of the school to me? Make me principal."

"I'm sorry but I can't do that, okay? I'm not some spoilt rich brat who wants to sit at home and squander his inheritance. I want to work, I want to influence, I want to matter. Besides, do you think I got a doctorate just for the fun of it? You're efficient, and it's hard to find efficient people. I want to be present, and I also want you to be present."

Erasmus was quiet. He honestly didn't know what answer to give to the young man. He had already made up his mind that even his long-time friends, the former principal, and founder couldn't talk him into changing it. So what is it that this boy's tongue carries that shook the core of his conviction?

"I'm going to go now. If I see you in school on Monday, I will assume you have accepted my proposal. I do not see you, I will take you to turn it down. I will see myself out."

Ada got up, buttoned his suit, and started. Erasmus silently watched him as he stylishly walked out of the house. He slowly stood up and looked out the window until Ada had exited the gate.

"So what do you think?" He spoke out.

"The boy makes use of very bizarre idioms, plus he's overly confident." His wife said as she emerged from the kitchen.

"More like pompous."

"He is convincing though."

"Oh yes, he is. Has the tongue of Apostle Paul."

"Enough to convince you?"

"I don't know. We'll see by Monday."

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