head leader

30 May 2022

Some time ago, in a realm far away, carried on with a not lord have any kids. Subsequent to counseling a wide range of specialists, his sovereign brought forth a child who was named Eric.
Sovereign Eric was the pride of his folks and his realm. He got training from the best guides in the realm and grew up to be a smart young fellow. At some point, as the ruler went hunting, he happened upon a blue bunny whose fur sparkled like water. Eric was frightened. He would have rather not killed the hare, yet he would have rather not let it go by the same token.
Before he could get the bunny, it changed into a pixie. "Long experience the new ruler", the pixie said, fixing her look on Eric. Eric's blood ran cold. The ruler was away facing a conflict with the adjoining realm. Might something at any point have happened to him?
Eric dashed back to the castle. The whole royal residence hushed up. As Eric scaled to the illustrious chambers, he met his mom who had tears in her eyes. "He won't live lengthy", she said.
Eric returned to the woodland, yet he didn't see the blue hare or the pixie anyplace. It wasn't well before the pixie's words materialized as then, at that point, the ruler passed on and Eric turned into the lord.
Note: Use your creative mind to evoke clear and reminiscent storylines.

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