About Travelling Part 3

22 Oct 2022

Better travel expenses prepared in advance. When purchasing in large quantities, which increases the luggage and weight, the decision to "shop" should be made carefully. Nowadays, everything is accessible everywhere. Keeping tabs on your spending is a wise practise. Travel and tourism-related expenses should be promptly recorded. So that you won't be perplexed. There won't be any heartbreak. Women should resist the urge to travel with jewellery and other accessories. Keep track of the bags and money you brought before you leave for the trip. It is necessary to bring along general medications (such as those for a cold, fever, cough, indigestion, headache, and so on). Also keep the required first aid supplies on hand. It is best to have at least "bandages" on hand. These medications should all be administered individually. Take your required medications, such as blood pressure medications, without missing a beat, even when you are travelling. Ayurvedic medications with many uses, such as triphalachurna and sutsekharamatra, should also be carried at all times. Tablets of Multivitor should also be taken. That guarantees you'll consume adequate vitamins. Maintaining your energy level will be beneficial. Having fun and enjoying yourself is the primary goal of travel and tourism. If your "mood" doesn't change, you won't even remember minor injuries or diseases. Instead, feeling fitter and more energised than usual is a universal experience. Of sure, so don't even bother to bring your medication. 

5) Bring cards, trapeze, and other such board games if the trip is going to be a long one for entertainment. The younger generation of today wants to use earbuds to listen to FM radio programmes on their mobile phones. Many individuals favour "Walkman" headphones as well. By listening to the shows, plays, etc. that you missed owing to your regular routine, you can make good use of your time. These days, you can listen to talks, discourses, satsangs, bhajans, songs, funny jokes, dramas, etc. in "audio" form, which refers to cassettes and CDs. You have to use them whenever it suits you. A modern mobile phone performs all of the functions of a camera, radio, and entertainment device without a phone thanks to its best and most varied attributes.

6) No matter where you go, make sure to bring local newspapers. Read on. The one and only such thing is newspaper. It simply costs two to four rupees, yet it provides you with essential knowledge. entertainment is offered. We can observe a reflection of the local way of life from it. Additionally, their concerns, troubles, and inquiries are known. The primary ones include drinking, curfews, and social disturbance. The information is known if there is "tension" or something similar. A tourist can make far better programme decisions if he has a good awareness of the local circumstances. We cannot read or speak the languages of the South. Local dailies are nonetheless printed in Hindi or English. They ought to be read and seen. 

How should I act while travelling?

It's crucial to consider how much you chat, what you say, and how you conduct yourself with other tourists. A co-attire, traveler's accessories, and demeanour might be utilised to determine whether or not he is "good." His language can reveal his social, cultural, and educational background. The regular air, water, and gossip can then be had without any issues. You should be careful that your communication doesn't offend or injure anyone. Additionally, refrain from giving your viewpoint during the discussion in a rush or in an aggressive, pushy manner. Because you're not trying to win an argument, demonstrate your erudition, or flaunt your rhetorical prowess. Therefore, it is preferable to retain speech and discourse "gudigudi." The children of other passengers can be "fed," given window seats, and helped in order to elicit sympathy; however, this should only be done after observing the parents' reactions and conduct. Women shouldn't be treated equally with males. He would undoubtedly enrage the fellow passenger, that much is obvious. Therefore, you ought to respect ladies and girls. Talk in moderation. It is not proper to trade money. Of course, it's best to avoid yelling, swearing, ignoring, or paying too much attention to other passengers. Rude behaviour includes spreading your possessions across the other passenger's seat, putting your feet on his seat, not cleaning up after food and drink, as well as sneezing, spitting, smoking, and other similar behaviours. Your only "reserved" seat gives you the right to travel. You should be aware that you do not own the full coach, compartment, or vehicle. Overall, we should act in a way that makes everyone feel content and included. Additionally, it's best to refrain from snoring, chattering, gesturing, and other repulsive sleep behaviours. 

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