Cam Ly Church Dalat - Explore the church's architecture with bold national colors

14 Apr 2024

Taking the name of a famous waterfall, Cam Ly church in Da Lat is one of the churches dedicated to ethnic minorities in the foggy city. This place stands out with its unique, one-of-a-kind architecture, rustic, simple and very Vietnamese.

Location: No. 11 Nguyen Khuyen Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam For a long time, Da Lat has always been an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists from near and far because of its chilly climate all year round, beautiful natural landscape, charming mountains, and slow pace of life. Coming to the foggy city, you will have comfortable moments, relieve stress, and enjoy time with family and friends after tiring working days. Not only does it attract tourists by the romance and poetry of nature, but Da

Lat also impresses with its beautiful European-like churches, with long-standing architecture and history, such as Con Ga church, Ca Mau church. Domaine de Marie church... Among them, the prominent one is Cam Ly church in Da Lat. This is a church that is considered to have the most unique architecture in the land of thousands of flowers, demonstrating the worship of God and integration with Yang.

History of formation of Cam Ly church in Dalat

Cam Ly Church in Dalat was taken from the bold idea of ​​a French Boutary priest. This priest loves the culture of the local Montagnards and loves Da Lat. He has been attached to this land for many years (since 1952 and left in 1975), so he understands the daily life and cultural values ​​of ethnic minorities very well to spread religious faith. That's why he "flirted" with the creative idea of ​​a common house of God and Yang, by building Cam Ly church in Da Lat.

This church was started in late 1959 and completed in 1967 and put into operation. So after 8 years of hard work, without giving up, Cam Ly Dalat church was also completed, showing us that this is a project filled with enthusiasm and dedication of the construction investor.

What is interesting about Cam Ly Church in Dalat that attracts tourists?

It is not natural that Cam Ly church in Da Lat is also called Son Cuoc church, because the space and architecture here blend with the nature of Da Lat's mountains and forests, arousing sublimated emotions for tourists. Guests are familiar with everyday life in the city, and awakens nostalgia in the hearts of those who like to conquer the many wonders of nature. Cam Ly Church in Da Lat was stylized from the traditional communal roof of the Central
Highlands to build a unique church, expressing the spirit of the rustic architectural school, when harmoniously combining architecture. Classic European architecture and ethnic traditions. More specifically, it is very suitable for the temperate climate of the Lam Vien plateau: windy, rainy. Looking at the spacious house, don't rush to think it's easy to build, if so, it wouldn't have taken 8 years to complete.
The plan of Cam Ly Church in Dalat is rectangular, with a modest area of ​​324 m2, with 2 main spaces. Of which, 1/3 of the area is for the sanctuary, and the remaining 2/3 is for believers participating in the mass.

In addition, to withstand the weight of the entire project, the foundation is the most important. That's why the contractor spent half a year taking care to build a solid foundation! The pillars are up to 3m high, each column is 20 x 50cm in size, and are closely linked to the roof support structure, which looks very impressive.

All elements combine to create a simple but unique beauty, attracting tourists when exploring Da Lat to also take some time to stop at Cam Ly Church in Da Lat.

Not only is it a spiritual and religious place for believers to pray, or a place to visit for tourists, Cam Ly Church in Dalat is also a house that receives and shelters orphans and poor children in the Mekong Delta. region. Although the church is not large or luxurious, the love for the children is boundless. It's so meaningful, isn't it!

A few notes for tourists when visiting Cam Ly Church in Dalat

When visiting Cam Ly Church in Dalat, visitors should note the following: - Because Cam Ly Church in Dalat is a spiritual and religious place, visitors need to wear appropriate, dignified clothes such as jeans, t-shirts, shoes and avoid wearing offensive clothes that are too short. - The church is rarely open to visit, visitors should ask for the time before coming! - Although the architecture of Cam Ly Church in Dalat is very unique, visitors should not climb around the church area just to take photos. - Visitors need to maintain general hygiene and not litter in the church area.

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