Developer interest on Solana is increasing

3 Dec 2023

Developer interest on Solana is increasing

Some stats:
- The developer course visits on SolDev are up roughly 50% where we were 2 months ago
- The Solana StackExchange gets ~90% more weekly unique users
- Solana docs are getting 50-100% more visits

We're just getting started

Are you in the Solana community and want to help onboard these new developers?

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Solana is the most performant blockchain.

But it's not performant enough, not yet.

Firedancer — led by world-class high performance computing experts —is a new validator client that will change this.

But barely anyone understands what it actually is and why it's important.

Welcome these new devs

open sourced the entire Code codebase. All 700k+ lines of it. Now anyone can see how Code delivers instant, guaranteed, and private payments.

You can read more about why we did this below. Feedback and contributions welcome and encouraged.

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