Global warming

30 May 2023

The heat rises in the earth this is called global warming. Global warming can cause rivers to rise as snow melts, causing sea levels to rise and inundation of nearby land areas. Lakes, wells and reservoirs may dry up due to evaporation of water content in the ground. Scientists have speculated that the trees may dry up and there may be no food for humans and animals. There is also a possibility that the water in the earth will harden like ice due to the Greenhouse effect.

To get rid of all these problems, the environment Saving is the only way. Remedies: Trees like banyan, alari, neem, bamboo, mango, jackfruit, violet etc. should be cultivated more and forest resources should be protected. By that the air should be purified, cooled, and the rain should be reduced. Vehicles that use petrol, diesel and spew smoke should be avoid and then use Electric vehicles
The rain water should soak into the ground and increase the groundwater level. Its very serious issue in the future every person take responsibility and government make some strong rules.

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