Say no to substance abuse

11 Oct 2022

So you know, the majority of the beverages taken in Africa are bitter alcohol. One profound reason why people take up drinking is peer pressure; that sense of feeling among them, the need to stand your ground as a big boy. If you'll be sincere, you know you never liked the first taste, but why did you continue? Why? -Peer Pressure

Next time you want to advise the young ones, are you going to talk about peer pressure as a victim or as one that has passed the test?

Another reason people drink is anxiety and life stressors. No doubt, you'll feel that fitting peace, but for how long? You wake up to meet the stress of life, which is common to all men. You don't solve problems by creating bigger ones.

Drinking doesn't solve the problems of neglect, failure, exhaustion, rejection, sadness, etc. Get up, face your fears, and be happy ever after.
Alcohol is addictive and regular intake increases tolerance. As such, over time, people need more to get the same mental satisfaction. You can see that one bottle is no longer moving you... Strong man.

As a drinker, regardless of the suiting category you place yourself in, i.e., I’m a moderate drinker, social drinker, special occasion drinker, and so forth, the truth is: if you need to take mind-altering substances for you to temporarily feel good, then you are obviously in love with a fake world.
Aside from the harm to your central nervous system (self-harm), you stand a great chance of harming others when you're in that your supposed glory realm.


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