BEWARE! Deep-fake Michael Saylor scam YouTube

12 Feb 2024

I recently wrote about an AI-powered deep-fake scam which was spreading through Youtube like SBF on Adderall at a Democratic party fund-raiser. I also talked about my humble efforts to try to get these ads taken down by Youtube….but to no avail. If you didn’t read my previous article, please click on the link below:

Well, what do you know…it seems like these guys are still working at it and they now have a new version. To add to the Elon Musk, Anatoly Yakovenko and Brian Armstrong variants, they have now added Bitcoin Jesus himself, Michael Saylor.

In the video, an AI synced Saylor describes how he wants to reward the community for sticking with crypto and believing in Bitcoin. Why on earth Saylor would want to do this is beyond me. As a CEO of a listed company, I don’t think he is in the habit of giving away free money! The quality of this deep-fake is next level, it has got Saylor’s facial expressions and monotonous voice tonality absolutely perfect. It really does sound like Michael Saylor which is hella scary! But tell me, do these guys really have no shame? To BTC maximalists, this is an act so sacrilegious and heinous that the perpetrators should expect to be buried in the deepest level of hell below the frozen corpse of Judas Iscariot himself! A new level 8 would be purpose-built for them!

Anyway, the script is basically the same story as before. The old chestnut of ‘send me some ETH and I will send you back 2x in 5 mins….honestly, you can trust me mate!’ More like….send me your crypto and I will add it to the pile already scammed by Kim Jong Un and send you back a warhead in return at some future unspecified time!    

Deep-fake Micheal invites you to scan a QR code which appears in the top right hand corner of the screen which takes you to a landing page at a site called Buterin.Live…..which is a nice touch!

Here you find further instructions on what to do and the wallet addresses to send your BTC and ETH. You can send 1 to 200 ETH or 0.1 to 15 BTC and within 5 minutes, you will receive double your money back. But most importantly you need to act quickly because there are only 1,000 BTC to give away and 10,000 ETH. Act quickly before it’s all gone! The addresses displayed at custom generated burner addresses. I checked them on block explorer and found no transactions to each. Nice to see that they are being ambitious and setting a floor of 1 ETH and 0.1 BTC. Also good to see that in the interest of democratising the love and spreading it as widely as possible they are also placing an upper limit of 200 ETH or 15 BTC. I truly hope that no such whale fell for this and sent 15 BTC. Can you imagine how gutted you would be when you don’t get $1.2 million back in your wallet five mins later!

I again notified Youtube of this scammy video and got the same response as before. They didn't see any issues or violations with community guidelines and they didn’t take it down. I was told that I can appeal the decision if I want to. I didn’t bother this time as Youtube basically have zero interest in taking these down since they add to their revenue and they don’t care if you get scammed out of your crypto. This scam has been going on for some time now and there is no way that Youtube can’t be aware of it. I have reported the ads on half a dozen occasions and I can only assume other people have too. Youtube after all are part of the same corporate-intelligence agency-central bank-deep state complex that wants to tag you, track and trace you and take away all your liberties and possessions (and you will be happy!). Why would they want you to hold on to your crypto?

If you see this ad or some other variant of it, trust your instinct and don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a legitimate offer. Stay safe people!

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