The New Telegram Tap Game: Memefi Coin, How to earn your cryptocurrency?

19 Jun 2024

The New Telegram Tap Game: Memefi Coin, How to earn your cryptocurrency?

When the unusual game MemeFi, which is only playable through the Telegram chat, was released at the end of March 2024, it took the cryptocurrency community by surprise. It quickly attracted the interest of over two million users, forming a vibrant and committed community.

In the straightforward yet engrossing minigame MemeFi, players battle bosses by merely tapping the screen. You're getting closer to triumph and token prizes with each tap. The gameplay is made even more thrilling and fascinating by the game's humorous and fascinating allusions to Internet memes. Are you prepared to delve into and join the MemeFi community?
Using the Notcoin app as a model, MemeFi has released a special edition of the meme-based game.
MemeFi, on the other hand, claims to go above and beyond by giving users access to new features and enhancing the gameplay. Intriguingly, MemeFi has added Notcoin as an affiliate, which could mean even more cutting-edge capabilities in the realm of blockchain technology and memes. Don't pass up the opportunity to explore a hilarious and adventurous new universe with MemeFi!
How do you play? To access the official game bot, click this link, then adhere to the prompts. You can hurt your enemies by simply tapping the screen in this fascinating game! In-game tokens are the coins you win in the game; these can be exchanged for real money at a later time. It is assumed that the initiative will issue Notcoin-like tokens, which can subsequently be traded for actual money. Move quickly because you will undoubtedly want to participate in this thrilling gaming universe!
To encapsulate the game's initial rules: Every time you press 📲, the opponent loses 1 health unit ❤, but you also lose 1 energy unit ⚡ and gain 1 coin 💰. These are the primary features of the game.
💥Health: Every adversary possesses a specific quantity of health. It's your job to empty it in order to win.
💥Energy — Recall that throwing punches saps your energy. You can't just press a button on a machine! You will begin to feel your vitality returning after a period of idleness.
💥 Levels: After taking down a boss, you advance to the next, more challenging level. Prepare yourself for fresh difficulties!
💥Rewards: In addition to currency, winnings earn you exclusive goodies. You'll find particularly substantial gifts when you vanquish bosses, so be sure to check them out!
💥 Squads: Very soon, you'll be able to form groups with your pals! Together, get ready for many battles!
And in order to pump up there are boosts!
No-cost Boosts This is comparable to TapSwap and WormFare: TURBO: for a brief period of time, increases damage by five every tap. RECHARGE: replenishes all of your energy. Each booster is administered three times a day. Improvements You can improve your skills here. DAMAGE: With a single tap, your punching power is increased. ENERGY CAP: Boosts your energy to its highest potential. RECHARGING SPEED: Since there are only four pumping levels, this boosts the speed at which energy is recovered. TAP BOT: It looks like this is an autobot for passive income, but we're still waiting for updates as this function hasn't been released yet. System of referrals You will receive 2500 coins for each person you invite to MemeFi, but that's not all!
For each boss killed by your referral you get a solid reward:
Level 1–12,500 coins.
Level 2–25 000 coins.
Level 3–50 000 coins.
Level 4–100 000 coins.
Level 5–200 000 coins.
Bottom line.
MemeFi is a cutting-edge mobile mining app available on Telegram that appeals to users who want to increase their income because it claims to allow users to make money without investing any capital. The project has alliances with other exciting initiatives, such as Linea and Space ID, which may enable it to grow even more and raise the value of its coin. The IguVerse project, which was previously built on by this team, was successfully traded on markets using the ticker Igu.
The group's track record of accomplished prior initiatives attests to their expertise and professionalism, which excites investors and consumers alike about MemeFi's promising future. When is it going to be available for sale? Many people are wondering when MemeFi Coin tokens will be able to be sold. The project is supposed to be listed in the fourth quarter, but it feels like it might happen considerably sooner. It can be challenging to maintain a high level of hype in the gaming industry for an extended period of time.

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