What is Loki season 1 is about??

20 Jul 2022

Well, Loki is God of Mischief and one of my favorites characters in MCU. Loki is brother of Thor. Loki Season 1 was already premier in few months ago. And it's Clear that Loki season 2 will soon be releasing .

In season 1 ,Loki series has lots of timeline and Multiverse concept. Loki was captured by TVA because of creating alternative timeline. Loki there mets lots of his varaint including female version . Loki's want to get rid of this TVA and wants to free from Kang the conquered.

Season 1 shows us that Loki and his variants together wants to destroy TVA so that each person do as their wish. According to TVA, a person is restricted to their choice abd each person is doing exactly what is predefined by Kang in his mindset or some books . If someone misbehave this, They got captured for makings alternative timeline.

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Loki season 2 will be also full of easter eggs, timeline and new reality , dimensions.