DAO Future

14 Feb 2023

DAO is not a new concept, and it is not the first attempt on the blockchain. As early as 2016, Ethereum crowdfunded an organization called "The Dao" . The project raised 12 million Ethereum, accounting for At that time, 14% of the circulation of Ethereum was 150 million U.S. dollars at the price of ETH at that time (14% of Ethereum is a huge sum of money today). Then such a large sum of money naturally attracted the attention of hackers. More than 3 million ETH was stolen by hackers, which triggered the famous ETH/ETC fork event in history. The DAO ended sadly. The concept of DAO was chosen by people. Forgotten in a corner.

Four years later, with the rise of DeFi, the concept of DAO has once again entered people's field of vision. After several years of development, Dao is far from the simple form of 2016. It has evolved a variety of different forms.

Universal DAO Aragon, Kleros

General-purpose DAO, as the name suggests, provides a platform-based service, that is, if any company, organization or blockchain project wants to develop a DAO, it does not need to be developed by itself, and directly use the templates provided by the ready-made DAO projects.

In the Internet era, it is like Shopify provides a universal platform that can be customized to a certain extent for merchants who want to sell goods. If you want to say where the next link in the circle "plug all projects" is, the universal DAO project is a very likely birthplace.

. Aragon

Aragon focuses on bringing organizations into the cyberspace . It is like a standard Ethereum DAO production factory, which provides enough modular functions for users to choose. For example, if you want to establish an online version of the company type, the required equity structure table, token conversion mechanism, voting, job appointment, financing and accounting, etc., can be found in Aragon's toolkit.

In addition to the standard Dao function, Aragon also provides two "sub-functions" -Aragon Chain, a PoS chain developed using CosmosSDK, and Aragon Court, a decentralized arbitration based on Aragon, or court services, both Each has its own tokens ARA (not for sale) and ANJ.However, many senior people in the industry who have a more thorough understanding of DAO prefer this style. In their view, ANT, as a third-party DAO, provides a tool that is difficult to capture directly. With services such as Aragon Court and Aragon Chain, value can be captured through these sub-projects and fed back to ANT (both ANJ and ARA are generated by ANT through a joint curve mortgage).

. Kleros-PNK, decentralized arbitration machine

Kleros-PNK vision is a"court" on the chain-a basic arbitration layer for a decentralized network.

However, what you may not know is that Ebay, the largest e-commerce company, handles almost 60 million disputes every year. The ability or confidence to resolve these disputes is one of the important cornerstones of maintaining online commerce.

If there is a dispute on our chain, how should we deal with it? There will always be many scenarios that Code is Law cannot cover. For example, one day when on-chain malls and DAO become popular in the future, everyone is accustomed to using cryptocurrency to make payments. A retailer on the chain received a piece of clothing returned by a customer with wear and tear, but the customer said that the piece of clothing was new, similar The incident can be submitted to Kleros for arbitration.

Currently, there are more than 200 + jurors on the Kleros Court platform and successfully handled more than 150 + dispute cases. In the process of resolving the dispute, the disputing party places the funds in the custodian and hires a third-party juror to resolve the dispute.

There are so many popular DAOs on the market.

Risk reminder: DAO is still in a very early stage. It does not constitute investment opinions or suggestions.

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