How I became the Bobarian of the Month pt.6

6 Jul 2022

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The competition result came out before the announcement of the Bobarian of the Month, it turns out I was able to secure the 2nd and 3rd price which was mind-blowing. 

We were asked to message one of the admins which I did, and guess what? He was just telling ME how much He liked my contents and how I was being nominated to be selected as the Bobarian of the month. 

You can imagine how I felt at that moment, I was already imagining how I will win the competition and still be the Bobarian of the month. I told some of my friends about the Admins speech and how I was so happy.

The day for the announcement of the Bobarian of the Month reached, and the article was posted on Twitter about the selected Bobarian of the Month.

Do you think it was Me?

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