USDt Lands on TON to Conquer the Frontiers of Global Payments

20 Apr 2024

In an exciting announcement that shakes the foundations of the financial world, Pavel Durov, the visionary CEO and founder of Telegram, along with Paolo Ardoino, the ingenious CEO of Tether, and Andrew Rogozov, the bold CEO of TOP and Wallet, have unveiled an alliance historic at TOKEN2049, the prestigious conference held in Dubai.

The Big Reveal?

USDt, the revered digital token backed by the US dollar, has landed on TON! This unprecedented collaboration between Tether and the TON Foundation promises to take the cross-border payments experience to a whole new level. With USDt in TON, Telegram users, who already exceed 900 million monthly, will enjoy a global payment solution that is instant, free and as simple as sending a text message.

The Power of Simplicity

Imagine being able to send money to your friends or family on the other side of the world with the same ease as you send an emoji. With the integration of USDt into Wallet on Telegram, this vision becomes a reality. You no longer need to deal with complex blockchain addresses or download multiple applications. Simply send a direct message and that's it: your USDt payment is transferred immediately, with no additional costs and with the security of a cryptocurrency backed by dollar reserves.

USDt: Stability in the Age of Volatility

One of the most notable features of USDt is its stability. While other cryptocurrencies can experience wild fluctuations in value, USDt maintains a firm anchor in the US dollar, offering an ideal solution for daily transactions and cross-border payments without the stress of market volatility.

Adoption Incentives

The TON Foundation doesn't stop there. To drive the adoption of USDt on TON, it has set aside a generous sum of 11 million Toncoin in incentives. From liquidity pool rewards to Wallet deposit bonuses, these incentives are designed to make the transition to USDt on TON even more attractive and rewarding.

The main promoter of this development of TON alliances seems to be Pavel Durov, the CEO and founder of Telegram. Durov has been a central figure in promoting and driving the TON Foundation and its associated ecosystem. His vision of integrating financial services and cryptocurrencies within Telegram has been a key driver behind initiatives such as the integration of USDt into TON. Along with other prominent leaders in the crypto space, such as Paolo Ardoino of Tether and Andrew Rogozov of TOP, Durov has played a crucial role in promoting and executing this historic collaboration, which aims to transform the way payments are made. cross-border within the Telegram community.

Currently, USDt on TON is available to trade on decentralized exchanges (DEX) within the TON ecosystem, such as STON_FI and DeDust. These DEXs allow users to exchange USDt for Toncoin and other cryptocurrencies within the TON environment.

Additionally, with the integration of USDt into TON, it is expected that there will soon be fully integrated on-ramps from most fiat currencies globally. This means that users will be able to buy and sell USDt using fiat currencies such as US dollars, euros or other local currencies directly through the TON platform. This integration aims to further facilitate access and liquidity of USDt on TON for a wide range of users around the world.

With USDt on TON, we are witnessing a crucial step towards the integration of digital currencies into everyday life. For Telegram's 900 million users, this is an opportunity to access a seamless and integrated financial service within TON's Web3 ecosystem on Telegram.

Get ready to be part of this exciting revolution in global payments. For more details on how to use USDt in TON and participate in the available incentives, check out the official TON blog post.
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