Why Messi floped almost at PSG??

29 Jun 2022

Messi is iconic and super talent footballer in history along with Maradona and Ronaldinho. Messi has endless idea of dribbling and insane way of passing balls to player from his postion which makes him ultimate superior to other players. He is among the player who could won both golden boot having most goals and playmaker being most visionary player both at same seasons. Due to this , I mean goalscoring , passsing and dribbling makes him more perfect than other players. 

But things just got out of hand, when this magical man switched from Barcelona to PSG. He has just got single digit goals in French league. He has almost good stats in international football this year too. But what makes him more uncomfortable or less profolic players this seasons even in french leagues . The main resons are : 

  1. His departure from Barcelona was never imagined before as he has almost spent his livees in Barcelona. He has been heartly attached to Barcelona , as his football carrier was sucessfully deployed by medical treatment funded by Barcelona in his young ages.
  2. PSG is filled with multiple football stars. Since, the sporting projects of PSG has Mbappe and Neymar as key players and all other fooballers are mostly connected to key players of sporting projects.
  3. Messi is not happy at PSG.
  4. PSG has almost every young players like Mbappe ,and it's difficult for Messi to change his playing style for them.
  5. Although , Messi has almost good stats at assists despite being so less goals.
  6. Messi is performing well in Argentina beacuse he is key player of team Argentina for upcoming FIFA World cup 2022.

With all these , Messi still could prove himself better at next seasons if either sporting director or he himself find adjusted at PSG somehow. For Messi with Argentina , is now one of the best team who could be 2022 World cup winner and we might witness much greatness of him in World Cup performances.

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messi fo life
Messi, along with Maradona and Ronaldinho, is an iconic and super talented footballer in history. Messi has an infinite number of dribbling ideas and an insane way of passing balls to players from his position, making him the ultimate superior to other players. He is one of the few players who can win both the Golden Boot for scoring the most goals and the Playmaker Award for being the most visionary player in the same season.
At Barca he was the team and it was built around home. Walking into PSG was tough with so many quality players
I think He is the most overrated palyer in the football history
While Messi's time at PSG may not have resulted in the desired outcomes, it is important to remember that his exceptional skills and achievements throughout his career cannot be undermined. His departure from PSG does not diminish his status as one of the greatest footballers of all time, and his impact on the sport will continue to be remembered for generations to come.