Testnet get free $DOP token will be Lauched on Q1,2024

13 Feb 2024

In this article, I’ll guide you through all the steps to login to the DOP Testnet and complete the steps for all the tasks. Once you complete all the tasks, you’ll be eligible to receive DOP token rewards in early 2024, after the token’s official launch.
Testnet Link: DOP Token
Create a new DOP wallet > Save Key
Connect Metamask & Twitter
Complete Task [Step 1 to 7 Task]
👍Task Tutorial: Check here
➖Follow Twitter
➖Claim Sepolia ETH
➖Claim Testnet DOP
➖Claim Testnet Assets
➖Encrypt Assets
➖Send Assets
➖Decrypt Assets
➖Enter Email
A good crypto project should combine two things: simplicity for the end user, and a robust technical architecture that champions security.
And that’s our objective here at Data Ownership Protocol. We’ve created an elegant ecosystem where cryptocurrencies can be hidden from public view with a couple of clicks — and decrypted just as easily.
In this article, we’re going to pop open the hood and take a look at the cryptographic techniques that make all of this possible.

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