How to Make Torum Great! Again?

12 Jun 2024

Me and my big mouth!
I had to shoot it off and tell them the truth!
That I am just a bit or a lot doubtful when it comes to the TORUM 2.0 plans.
And of course, they come telling me that their idea is not perfect but what is the alternative:

What The Fluff is this Torum?

I know it´s a bit of a nice social fi site that some crypto crazies frequently visit
Think ofTorum a bit like the Social Fi Fakebook, they might think they are X but they are not.

If you are curious have a look:

What does it offer?

A nice little bit of insight on market sentiment, some new projects, some good articles some good fun community challenges.
In addition, it offers a minimal crypto incentive for showing up.

How is Torum making money?

That is what I ask myself, I don´t see a serious stream of revenue coming in.
No ads, no sponsors, no promos for the team and the users.
I think we are missing a key ingredient here a steady source of incoming that allows them to hire people get more promos, get more exposure, and make the platform grow.

Stepping away from incentives for showing up

Incentives are key to any web 3 I am not giving you my time without getting something back, time is my most valuable commodity and the only thing I truly earn.
So if you want some of it pay for it.
If you pay for it I show up.
If I show up, your ads and sponsors will generate more revenue.

Grow your audience

In bear markets Crypto only has a very small audience, during the end of the bull you boom short term, then how do you hold on to that audience?

Not with NFTs that nobody cares about, that is for sure.
Not with crypto-related posts only.
Not with people posting GM to get 2 cent

Content should be low quality at the least and I am sure that you can train a bot to downvote shitposters, shit Posting will move XTM (the Torum Token) from your initial wallet (a platform ledger that always needs 150XTM to pay for fines)

It´s all about connection

You need communities and lots of them.
Communities that connect people globally with the same taste and enable those communities to create their own meme-coins or utility coins.
Multiple communities allow for multiple niches and multiple tastes that meet in the same place.

And by doing so you cryptonize you time by getting community incentives, platform incentives, and sponsor incentives, for spending your most valuable asset, Time! And additional incentives for creating great community-related content.
That is how you keep people coming back.

We are all isolated and looking for that community where we feel at home and where we make a difference. That can be music, tech, or knitting underwear for cats.

What is the Brand?

I think the brand is:
But where it stands for, I don´t think anyone knows.
As Torum I need to build a brand, a brand needs an identity, and market makers.
Right now the identity is kinda non-existent and dull.

What am I? A crypto Facebook?
What do I give my community, a platform and a coin with no real utility, hence why would you hold it?
There is no real identity and no mission.
So How To Make Torum Great?

What do I need?

An identity, and a mission that everyone can get behind.
I need to be a platform that makes a profit. Then use that profit to incentivize my users to create good content and great communities.

Good content and great communities attract more users for all the niches that I as a platform offer. My mission I the platform connect people.

My Identity; We are All Different We Are All Torum. I TORUM will be the favorite place to hang out in a Web 3 world. Because I connect, I offer quality, I tokenize time, I give people a sense of purpose.

Worst-case scenario

Those incentives do not need a use case because they are bought back by profit made.
But best to have a million use cases so everyone and their cats wearing knitted underwear want them.

The incentive tokens can of course be used for basic things like but they can be used for pimping your online persona.

But how about using XTM to buy community meme coins? Once there is a way to link them to a gas fee-free blockchain like Saakuru or ideally create a small local ecosystem that would allow the meme coin idea.

I read somewhere that Torum 2.0 was all about friends, I like to be connected but it takes a lot more to be a friend. Focus on a connection in this disconnected world.

Bikini Bottom Line

The incentive token needs a, but best more utilities, which can be many.
Get an exchange as a sponsor and allow (staked) XTM to be used to get a discount on trading fees. Get a deal with a local musician and allow XTM to buy the musical NFTs to sponsor your community musicians (nothing wrong with NFTs that have a use case).

Get access to low-budget art or movie projects by staking or paying XTM.
Give my XTM multiple or as many as possible use cases to draw a big audience that wants to tokenize their time to get those benefits.

This does mean that XTM probably needs to move to a chain again but we did that before, right?

Team Engagement

We need larger-than-life personas from Team TORUM to start their own Youtube and TikTok channel and all other Web2 Poo stuff to put out shows with community guests and content. If done properly with this many crazy Landers you can get views enough to raise awareness and revenue for the platform.

Be the first that makes tokenizing your time appealing to a big audience, because that is something nobody is doing.

Whoever steals my idea and makes millions that is fine just donate 1 million or less to one of the below addresses.

SOL - 2TSjx6orebaGKHoaDW35AeuD7AKUSW7Nkmgb6RL8cEUn
BTC - bc1qgj8gz2th96uvd7mc2z7459nn57jglaayers85c
ETH - 0xaf2E7ccc0413f6d6E10Dab5a761787B7482D3aBF

Thank goodness you made it till the end Pees, Love and I am out of here!

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