who will win the NBA Finals (part 2)

22 May 2023

In my last prediction of who will win the NBA Finals I spoke about how i think the Celtics will beat the Heat in less than 6 games and that they would go on to win the championship because the nuggets will have a longer series. now that that each team has played three games i can see how wrong I was.

in the Celtics vs Heat series the heat are up 3-0 and the next game is the heats home ground making it harder for Celtics to win in this series Jimmy butler has been amazing putting his team on his back. but with the Celtics there star player Jason Tatum has been very quite not doing a lot for his teams which shows how much Celtics rely on him to win.

In the Nuggets vs Lakers series the Nuggets are also up 3-0 I did say in my previous post that i think the nuggets will win but did not think it would be this easy. unlike the Celtics vs heat game both the star players on each team are playing well, its those other players that you wouldn't expect are the ones really impacting the game. although the Lakers are down 3-0 they definitely wont go with out a fight however the odds are not in there favour the record for coming back from a 3-0 lead is 0-149 so lets just wait and see.

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