Every moment is precious

3 Jan 2023

Live in the moment and just observe everything.
Pay close attention to everything at that precise moment.

Don't let your thoughts stray.
to the upcoming event.
Give it your all at this moment, and cherish it.

Don't rush through today because of tomorrow; else, too many wonderful opportunities will be lost.

Give your full attention to the person you are with at that particular time; be fully present.

Let the tears fall as you laugh until it hurts.
Give every moment everything you've got.

Don't skip the details; they contain the lesson.
Stay alert and observant; resist becoming complacent.

Your life's course can be changed in a split second.
After it passes, there is no turning back.

A new acquaintance could be made in just 60 seconds.
A life can begin or end, or you can find your true love.

In those times, you live and develop into who you are.
And the key to growth is not how much you take but how much you give.

Moments in life are so rare and valuable.
It is entirely up to you whether anything is valued or wasted.

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