Was Thanos Powerful and Genius unlike other villian and Antihero.

8 Jun 2022

Thanos is one of the most powerful being in Marvel universe as we seen him destroying planet ,and avengers in many movies and comic story. Along with it , being  Eternal ,he was man of words , smart , brilliant and really Genius unlike other Antihero and villian.

Thanos thought of the future and think that the half of the population should be eliminated from the universe so that other half could enjoy life without misery , problem and possibly occuring disaster and starving as his planet has suffered.  so he plans to collect all the infinity stones to wipe out half of being from the universe.
 For this battle ,he really prepared from the ground to solution of upcoming possible dangers and threats.  Many fans thought that he really waits for death of Odin , ancient one ,ego to see the great threats or these people can reverse his attack and plans.He hired many people and he adopted them as family to collect and get knowledge of infinity stones and knows the true potential of each stones. He has used many technology to enhance his army and others weapons . He has made possible all solution to upcoming dangers and had knowledge of mostly important character of universe so that it could be easier for him to settle down them in Battle. Thus Thanos was really Genius . And he was man of promise ,he kept all promise he had made like sparing the life of Iron Man made in exchange of Time stone ,life of Thor in exchange of space stone and spare the life of Nebula with promise by Gamora . Although ,snap was done to blip half of the being in universe but he kept things as promised to some characters.  

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