My adventure in Web 3.0

18 May 2023

I share everything I have to say in this post.


  • Why am I getting into Web 3.0 ?
  • What is my goal ?
  • What is my strategy?

Why am I getting into Web 3.0 ?

This is the future. I am quite sure and certain.

--> There is only to see why: several companies/banks are positioning themselves now (In my country, Renault, BNP Paribas...)

--> We are in a bearmarket.

Bearmarket = Bullrun in a short time.
Bullrun in a short time = Time to build now
To have built now = to be financially free during the bullrun.

--> Of course, one should not look for the 100$ or 200$ by bringing no value to the ecosystem. You have to build for the long term and create a name for yourself in the community.

What is my goal?

In the ecosystem :

  1. Create a name/reputation
  2. Bringing value to all promising projects
  3. Living from Web 3.0

Financial :

  1. 21 November 2023: 10K generated with Web 3.0
  2. In less than 10 years: Quite personal but several million generated

What is my strategy ?

I am part of a private group of a few people who have generated millions of euros in Web 3.0. I can't explain everything in detail. I have all the cards in hand to succeed

I bring a lot of value to my Twitter in relation to Web 3.0 : TerlainWeb3

Phase 1:
Work for free on projects.
Growing your Tweeter
Build relationships in the ecosystem

Phase 2 :
Start doing paid assignments
Get access to more and more private groups
Helping launch projects not yet released

Phase 3 :
Create your own project or agency in Web 3.0

Thank you for reading this far. I firmly believe in BULB. It is a very promising project !

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Your goals look great and it shows foresight, what is your Twitter handle?
Web3 will liberate a lot of people financially especially if you are an active user and BULB tokenomics will also contribute to this effect too.
Quite short and straightforward, yet comprehensive. I wish you good luck on your journey.