Driving school

2 Aug 2022

Surprised that I actually drive a car without being attended to a driving school. I got this game ' Doctor driving ', from a friend. I do much loved the game so much so I became so addicted to it. I couldn't stay a day without playing the game, my parents were always complaining about it, always finding a possible ways to delete the game from the phone , but I always resist them. it was so simple to learn and drive, the game was real like you're in reality driving. Got so used to the game that I was now rough riding and I got so expert in the game. So one day my mom was driving out and as we were going she decided to hand over the ride for me to drive home. At first I was scared but I drove like I have been in a steering wheel before, my mom was so surprised and was like, how I knew how to drive when it's just my first time, I let her know about it, she smiled We drove home. 

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