How Suicidal Tendency Comes During A Major Crypto Dip

12 Sept 2022

It’s no news that so many have resolved to take their lives during a major dip in the crypto sphere. A few days ago there was a trending video of a young man who set himself ablaze because of the recent dip in the market. But how do suicidal thoughts come? And can it be avoided? In this piece, I hope to x-ray the salient pieces that build into Suicide.

1 Increase visit to your crypto Wallet or trading site.

It’s often said that the human mind is a tabula rasa (Meaning Plain tablet). On this tablet are inscribed things you see, hear or feel. So while you keep visiting your crypto wallet and trading site when you’ve been impacted by losses makes it difficult for you to get your mind off the market. So not long, stress sets in and you start thinking of what to do to get the pain of the funds you’ve loss off your mind. For some suicide becomes an option.

2 Keeping Up with Crypto Updates and breaking News During a major Dip.

Do you know that most updates or media releases during dips aren’t true? We live in a world where many in a bid to make money release both real and toxic stuff into the media sphere during a major dip in the crypto market. So Many who are looking for the answer to why their desired coin or token is down the trenches feed on this information, hence mental stress sets in. Often times the fear that has been instigated by some of these posts makes some consider Suicide an easy way to forget about their losses.

3 Investing During Dip as an alternative to recover loss funds

Buying the dip is often advised during a crash in the Crypto market with belief that gains will be made when the market recovers. This sometimes doesn’t end well. So for one who was expecting to pull some funds back by buying the dip, it becomes ruinous when things don’t work as planned. So bad if an entire life saving was used. This when thought Upon can only birth suicidal tendencies.

4 Staying away from friends and loved Ones

Loneliness or social distance is never a good option in such times. In recent research conducted, it has been shown that loneliness is one major cause of depression. Its effect on the mental and physical state of a person can be quite alarming. The pain of losing funds can sometimes push one to a solitary and when far away from loved ones, suicidal thoughts become conceived. Also, it becomes difficult for people around to see the signs and prevent them from doing the dreadful thing on their mind. 

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Yes suicide is not the solution to every problem
Buy tokens during the dip doesnt always end well, i am speaking from experience . I bought during the dip and these tokens dipped on me again. It was heartbreaking. Although buying during the dip also helps you recover , i cant really advise that. DYOR