Are you victim of the Hot Streak Bias?

21 Jul 2022

An extension from my previous post on the Gamblers Fallacy  I introduce another bias called the Hot Streak Bias.

When basketball players get "in the zone," they often feel like they can't miss. They make shot after shot, and the other team seems to be playing in slow motion.

What is it that causes this amazing transformation?

It's called the hot streak bias, and it's a type of cognitive bias that affects our judgment and decision-making.

In this blog post, we will discuss what the hot streak bias is, how it works, and some of its effects on basketball players. We will also look at some ways to overcome this bias when you're playing basketball or any other sport!

The hot streak bias is a cognitive bias that causes us to overestimate our chances of success when we're on a roll.

When we make a few shots in a row, or have a few good games in a row, we tend to think that our hot streak will continue indefinitely. This bias can lead us to take more risks than we should, and it can also impact our decision-making when it comes to basketball. For example, we might be more likely to shoot a three-pointer when we're on a hot streak, even if the shot is not a good one. We might also be less likely to pass the ball to a teammate who is open, because we think that we can make the shot ourselves.
This bias can have a significant impact on basketball players. It can lead them to take more shots, and it can also lead to poor decision-making. In order to overcome this bias, basketball players need to be aware of it. They need to understand that just because they've made a few shots in a row, it doesn't mean that they're guaranteed to make the next one. They also need to be willing to pass the ball to a teammate who is open, even if they think that they can make the shot themselves. By understanding and overcoming the hot streak bias, basketball players can improve their decision-making and their shooting percentage.

What do you think? Have you ever been on a hot streak in basketball, or any other sport? What do you think causes this feeling? Let us know in the comments!

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Definitely important to overcome the hot streak bias.
The hot streak
Both of the hot streak article are good. Nice information provided by the both article
south coast surfer
Another great article. This can be related across many sporting codes - take Rugby League and in particular James Tedesco - he is a fabulous player, don’t get me wrong, but wants to carry his team on his shoulders and do it all himself - out of 10 runs, ‘Teddy’ will pass the ball once. He has ‘white line fever’ which I guess is linked to your ‘Hot streak bias’.
Great article